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Are you an Inclusive Leader who leads with Cultural Intelligence (CQ)? The business case for robust and effective Inclusive Leadership has never been stronger across all corporate environments. Research demonstrates that teams with high levels of Cultural Intelligence , led by Inclusive leaders outperform their peers on every indicator – productivity, innovation, creativity, profitability. All leadership development and growth must be intentional to make a difference and in this Masterclass you will gain a deep insight into how developing your own CQ and transforming your personal leadership style, can drive real inclusion in your organisation or team. Inclusive Leadership creates inclusive cultures but it doesn’t happen by accident or default. Beocming a Culturally Intelligent and Inclusive Leader takes commitment, courage, intentionallity and purpose. Are you ready to take that step up ?

This programme is for leaders who want to undertand the “how”. Leaders who are passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and want access to real time tools that will help them create real inclusive and compassionate cultures across their organisations. Cultures, that radically change the ‘lived in’ experiences of those with protected characteristics while empowering all individuals everywhere to engage positively with Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategies.

Target Group Senior leaders in the public and private sector

Participants will recieve:

  • A CQ Multi-Rater online assessment , personalised report and online feedback session
  • What’s Your CQ participnt Guide
  • Expand Your Borders (book)
  • Leading with Cultural Intelligence By David Livermore

Check out what Rob Neil OBE had to say when he attended the Above Difference CQ Leadership Masterclass

And some more feedback from the wonderful Ula

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